Steel Fencing

Mmaselota trading also offer steel fencing(palisade) as a security solutions ranging from a height of 1.2 to 3 meters high. It comes as galvanised or raw painted steel

Roof sheet Fencing

For a cheaper and yet secure roof sheets fencing , wooden posts can be used as a supporting structure.

Razor Fencings

Considered as one of the high fencing solution, razor wire will leave your boundary line a no-go area because of its razor sharp blades around the fence body

Custom Gate Building

No fence is complete without a good quality working gate. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link so we offer the service of making custom gates to suit the environment. Chat to us for advice on what kind of gate is best for your project.

Diamond mesh fencing

Our diamond mesh comes with different heights(from 1.2 to 3.6 meters) and different thickness( from 1.6mm to 4mm) see broucher for more details. Toiliminate visibility, diamond mesh can be claded with nets

Welded mesh fencing

Welded mesh is one on high wire security solutions

ClearVu Fencing

Fence-top deterrents like electric wiring & spikes may be added to any total fencing solutions security mesh product. Microphoric & fibre optic detection systems are available for added security.

Electric Fences

Fencing options include high and medium security mesh fencing, palisades, chain link fencing and diamond mesh. we also manufactures swing, sliding, garden and cantilever gates.

Game & Boundary Fences

We have experience with the following:
  • Breeding Camps
  • Lion Camps
  • Jackals proof fencing
  • Boundary Fencing